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Mount Royal Summit Quest 2016

Photo courtesy of MRSQ

So, he re I am once again running the MRSQ through the streets of Montreal. It’s a “Fat-Ass” 50K ultra starting in the the West Island and snaking its way to the top of Mount Royal. And for those who are a little more crazy, there is a 100K that starts the night before and finishes at the same place as the 50k.

This is my second year running it, and with hopes of beating last year’s time of 6:07.  I’ll keep you posted on Sunday. Forecast calls for another hot day, near the 29° mark by afternoon. So if you are running it, make sure to drink and fuel adequately.

So if you see a handful of runners finding their way to the mountain, give them some support and encouragement.

Go here to see more info on the run. MRSQ2016.